Do fashion designers get paid well in India?

Fashion designers in India are paid well. They are considered as the highest paid professionals in the country. The average salary of a fashion designer in India is around Rs.15 lakh per year, which is higher than that of any other profession.

The average salary of a fashion designer in India ranges from Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs per annum depending on their experience and the number of years they have worked in this field.

There are several factors that determine how much a fashion designer can make as compared to other professions such as engineers, doctors and finance professionals who are also highly paid at the end of their careers.

In India, there are over 3500 design colleges across the country which specialize in different areas such as fashion, music, art and architecture etc., which makes it easier for young people to choose their career paths according to their interests rather than being forced into a particular field by parents or teachers at school. EduBrain Academy in Delhi is the best fashion design institute.


The pay rate for fashion designers in India varies from brand to brand and from designer to designer.

In general, you can expect to get paid between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month. You can also work on commission basis or on a fixed salary basis.

If you are looking for a job as an intern with a fashion brand in India, you must have an internships experience of at least one year with any fashion brand before applying for the position as a full-time employee.

Fashion designers in India get paid well. They may not get much money compared to the Westerners but they do get a decent amount of money. It may be because of the cost of living in India is less than that overseas, so fashion designers earn enough to live comfortably in India.

Fashion designers make up to Rs. 10 to 14 lakhs per year, which is more than what many people make in their entire career as an architect or an engineer.

In fact, there are many fashion designers who have made it big and became billionaires by working from home.

Fashion designers in India are paid well. This is because they are highly creative and innovative in their work. They use their knowledge and experience to create new designs for the market. The top designers also have a good command over the latest techniques, trends and styles.

The average salary of fashion designers in India is Rs 10 lakh per annum. The higher the position, the higher the salary. The salary of a fashion designer depends on his/her experience, expertise and skills.

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